Saturday, 17 August 2013

Steamed buns and the city

Whoop! This weekend is the first in a long, long time that we can have a lie in. BOTH DAYS! Of course we woke up at 6am this morning to the sound of the planes approaching Heathrow. But that's fine. There's nothing like that luxury of knowing you don't have to get out of the toasty cocoon.

Last night we went for an impromptu date in Chinatown as we had a little bit of celebrating to do. At Leong's Legends to be precise. Mmm mmm. That sticky rice and pork. And that Taiwanese kebab. That's one thing I need more of - steamed buns. Hence the next stop on our date night hit-list is going to be Flesh and Buns, a new Izakaya by Bone Daddies on Earlham Street... Delicious. That first friday of September really can't come quick enough.

So. It was far from East Asia in W1 but the buns and the windows wallpapered in cute packaging made us feel a teeny bit like we'd dipped back into our travels again (which are mostly documented here). It was nice, strolling hand in hand right across the Thames and back to Waterloo. Our bellies full and happy as can be, it was a pretty fine friday night.

I love London.

Happy weekend!

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