Sunday, 11 August 2013

Burri and gelato

Whilst I play catch up, I may as well add a little post about our time in Italy a month ago.

In a medieval hill village of Northern Umbria, smack bang in the middle of the rolling hills and vast blue skies, I ate my body weight in pizza. Gelato too (at least one a day was mandatory). We swam in the most stylish yellow caps, got to know my niece Evie a bit more (perhaps steal her away sometimes too) and mostly spend a week people-watching in the shade of the town's cafes.

All with my favourite people (apart from the three family members who were ever so missed).

Anyway, Citta di Castello - our cobble alleyed home from home, introduced me to the work of Mr Alberto Burri. In an old tobacco factory, canvas after canvas of his brightly hued paintings were hung. I could have quite happily taken one back on the plane for a future wall. The vastness and almost enormous paper-cut quality had my chin up to the ceiling in awe. And the man was a scientist too.


  1. I looks and sounds like it was bliss.

  2. wow. your blog is overwhelmingly lovely and wonderful!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, ladies. They mean a lot to a nervous newbie! x