Saturday, 31 August 2013

A long summer

Thank you seasons for not shying away this year. You've given us snow days, trudging back home through Richmond after the wonderful 'don't bother coming in to work today' text. You've given us beautiful evening walks home, whilst the sun sets on the river and the ripples reflect on the underbelly of the bridge.

Summer seems to be sticking around too. We did have a little hiccup last weekend, scuppering our grand bank holiday camping trip with the Littles. Despite the buckets of water, often in the tent, we did have good times. Jumping in puddles in your pyjamas and wellies makes for a VERY happy two year old (not being allowed sweets before dinner, doesn't - see below).

But the blue skies are back. I know I should be pleased with this but that smell of shiny shoes, conkers and freshly organised pencils that hangs about the air these mornings has got me longing for a layered wardrobe of leather boots and big snuggly coats. Plus, my only pair of comfy sandals have been superglued back together one too many times. I do love the autumn.

Perhaps my longing to get to September this year is partly for the hope of a house. We've been getting a little bit panicked in the last month or so as the properties have dwindled and anything that has surfaced has been snapped up instantly, way above asking price. Be patient, people say. There will be lots more in September. We're nearly there and the signs have been beginning to trickle through. We're seeing a couple today but I don't want to get my hopes up too much. What will be will be and all that.

Why must I always be impatient for the next thing? Hang on, enjoy my mum's incredible cooking, a warm nose, and the ease of throwing on a summer dress (albeit with the upkeep of nice feet and legs to do so). Keep selling those eBay items to save pennies for the coat, shoes and wooly cardigan that lurks in my daydreams. Autumn will be here quick enough and I'm sure a new home will be too.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Steamed buns and the city

Whoop! This weekend is the first in a long, long time that we can have a lie in. BOTH DAYS! Of course we woke up at 6am this morning to the sound of the planes approaching Heathrow. But that's fine. There's nothing like that luxury of knowing you don't have to get out of the toasty cocoon.

Last night we went for an impromptu date in Chinatown as we had a little bit of celebrating to do. At Leong's Legends to be precise. Mmm mmm. That sticky rice and pork. And that Taiwanese kebab. That's one thing I need more of - steamed buns. Hence the next stop on our date night hit-list is going to be Flesh and Buns, a new Izakaya by Bone Daddies on Earlham Street... Delicious. That first friday of September really can't come quick enough.

So. It was far from East Asia in W1 but the buns and the windows wallpapered in cute packaging made us feel a teeny bit like we'd dipped back into our travels again (which are mostly documented here). It was nice, strolling hand in hand right across the Thames and back to Waterloo. Our bellies full and happy as can be, it was a pretty fine friday night.

I love London.

Happy weekend!

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Burri and gelato

Whilst I play catch up, I may as well add a little post about our time in Italy a month ago.

In a medieval hill village of Northern Umbria, smack bang in the middle of the rolling hills and vast blue skies, I ate my body weight in pizza. Gelato too (at least one a day was mandatory). We swam in the most stylish yellow caps, got to know my niece Evie a bit more (perhaps steal her away sometimes too) and mostly spend a week people-watching in the shade of the town's cafes.

All with my favourite people (apart from the three family members who were ever so missed).

Anyway, Citta di Castello - our cobble alleyed home from home, introduced me to the work of Mr Alberto Burri. In an old tobacco factory, canvas after canvas of his brightly hued paintings were hung. I could have quite happily taken one back on the plane for a future wall. The vastness and almost enormous paper-cut quality had my chin up to the ceiling in awe. And the man was a scientist too.


The wedding was A-MAZING.

There was the warmest glow of love and rosiness the whole day (and not just because of the 30 degree heat and generously flowing champagne). The atmosphere was perfect, the details were exquisite and the venue was super cool. Chins quivered, speeches were aced and old friends reunited.

And the bride and groom; they looked absolutely stunning. It made us want to do it all again. Almost (I'm still not quite ready to go back to a life of spreadsheets yet).

Those flowers!