Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nest Building

A new year is upon us. January got swept away in a sea of Polyfilla and Dulux.
And now here we are. In our new home :)

Terrible hair but check out my super long pregnancy nails!

The only appropriate meal for the first supper in our new family kitchen

How is it that I am sitting in our kitchen (on our new 'kissing' bench, as we like to call it) in our FAMILY home? I love this house. And I love the stories that this house will bring.

We've been in two weeks now, after a crazy DIY frenzy trying to meet the deadline we'd nervously made to empty our Big Yellow Storage. It had to happen one day, what with April approaching like a speedy time-warping gazelle and all. Jon has worked so tirelessly in preparing the nest for us and the place has almost transformed into our Pinterest dreams. I have enjoyed many post-painting hot baths with my Muji aroma diffuser and a couple of church candles (who needs the decadent budget for a yummy-mummy-to-be spa session when you can have it upstairs everyday. Upstairs! We have stairs!). Yep, that new bath is gooood.

I'm a bit late for new year's resolutions and what not but I am pretty sure that 2014 is going to be awesome. I'm going to achieve my lifetime goal of learning to be a Mummy - you can't get a better than that.

Happy 2014!