Saturday, 27 July 2013

Wedding Bells

Today we are going to our first wedding as a married couple.

It feels nice.

Two of our friends from university are becoming husband and wife too. It's sure to be an amazing day in a super lovely venue (Bistroteque - all white, industrial and stacking chaired) and I think it might make us feel a bit wishful that we'd had a cool London wedding as well (not that we would change a thing).

I am excited to see the vows after being the on the other side last time. This is a couple so right for each other and who have been together almost as long as Jonny and I (these men take their time). I think a little tear or two may be making an appearance this afternoon.

Now I just hope my hair goes right this morning and I don't give my poor husband too much of a hard time. It will be the first time I will see him in his wedding suit again. Hubba hubba.

ps the photo above is from our 'legal' wedding day at Chelsea Old Town Hall :-)


  1. What a fab photograph, it must have been a lovely wedding! /maria x

  2. Thank you, Maria! We enjoyed it :) x