Sunday, 14 July 2013


This past month or nearly two, has been a whirlwind. For so long I have meant to write but it's been tricky between all this:

• Selling, packing up and then moving out of our flat and in with my parents
• An epic road trip to help j's parents move over from Northern Ireland to Kent
• House hunting (not successfully)
• First anniversary camping trip
• A much needed holiday to Italy (although putting an offer on a house just as we were getting on the plane seemed to sum up the pace of events lately)

The end of a holiday always feels like the mark the of a new chapter. A clean slate to start afresh. Me and Jonny are a team and have plans and dreams that need to be focused on for our sake. Things that have been pushed aside until now. Perhaps it is time to pull our socks up and aim for the dreams that we always talk of. To stop dawdling.

This past year, which I had imagined to be our grand start in the world together as husband and wife, kind of got a little bit squashed. We've had a false start. A false start that makes me all kinds of frustrated and angry and slightly robbed of our first year of marriage. We mustn't dwell on that.

It certainly has not been all bad. Let me make that very clear! There have been many incredibly wonderful times too, amongst the emotional trips to Ireland. 

Back in a pool in Palm Springs last summer, between honeymoon kisses and margaritas, we vowed to make the first friday of every month a date night. No matter how big or small, forever more. It lasted a little while. But then our promise was quickly scuppered by the circumstances. The dates we did have though? I can't complain about them. I also can't complain about the incredible week spent with my best friends in New York. 

We will resurrect date night. And we will get our stuff together. 


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