Thursday, 6 June 2013


I made it!

Does being 30 make me a lady now? That's debatable ;-)

I felt like one at the weekend when my Jonny gave me the best birthday suprise ever (tricky to top getting engaged in The Conrad Tokyo on number 28, but it was pretty damn good). 

My dear, dear husband bundled me in a taxi and surprised me to: a stay in Shoreditch House, a Cowshed Spa pedicure, Californian sunshine (nice one JJ), copious presents that would appear from nowhere over 24 hours, drinks at The Boundary, an acoustic set on the roof with Bombay Bicycle Club (ok so he hadn't planned that one but nevertheless), epic bits you can eat*, old fashioneds and billinis, drunken pizza and rollies, a poolside breakfast and Monday morning swim, Yum Buns.... it was overwhelmingly amazing. I was on cloud nine. 

I wore scarlet lips, high(ish) old heals and everything - somewhat of a rarity for me. Incidentally in this new age of ladyness that I am trying to fulfill, I have made a pact as of my thirtieth year to wear lipstick as much as I can. The first week of that hasn't gone so well (my shyness prevails all too often) but I'm on the right path. Does anyone else not feel mature enough to be their age yet? Or is it a false impression I had of what being three decades means.

This birthday season has been a good one after a tricky old year anyway. Thank you Jonny.

Here's to being thirty.

* a cold salad buffet to anyone else


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